The new standard in
Building Management.

Cloud-connected hardware for real-time monitoring & control of all energy, water and indoor climate systems.

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Easy to install in any new or existing building with WiFi. No specialized technicians needed! Our upfront hardware costs are 5-10x lower than comparable solutions.

Data Access

Access real-time data and insights on your energy and water usage. Powerful analytics to help you optimize building performance - all from any web or mobile device. Unlimited accounts for each of your tenants.

Save Money
and the Environment.

Energy spend is doubling every five years. Meanwhile, buildings contribute to a third of total carbon emissions. Linc helps your reduce both by up to 30%.

Open Integration
with existing building systems.

Linc speaks all major communication protocols, making it the ideal data gateway for all your existing meters, sensors, and other BMS equipment.







Student Housing

Linc makes it easier to manage buildings.

Whether a single house, a manufacturing facility, or a portfolio of commercial real estate - Linc helps you accurately allocate energy and water consumption to individual occupants and appliances.

It reduces your operational costs and your impact on the environment.

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