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Linc spends a day on company team-building


Having worked together on various projects for a decade, team Linc emerged even stronger and more spirited after a team-building day. The training was carried out on May 20th at the company office in Denmark, by the SOF Academy.

Leading us were SOF Academy’s CEO, Henrik Otkjaer, and Senior Consultant, Lars Deimer. Both have years of experience in the Danish military's special forces. There, they constantly relied on high-performance teamwork for survival. In short, the ideal instructors.

Highlights from our training include learning to execute a 5-step model for problem solving in a series of outdoor exercises - from a team race, to building the farthest throwing slingshot in a 20 minute time-limit. Even the pouring rain could not dampen the fun! The importance of efficiently utilizing and compiling individual skills for the common goal of the company was strongly emphasized. Another highlight saw us practicing our feedback giving abilities on our teammates. A crucial skill.

As the Linc team is constantly looking for ways to improve, we are happy to report increased internal communication and overall efficiency after the SOF Academy training.